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Lietuvos Aikido Aikikai federacija - Activity


LAAF, representing Aikikai Aikido in Lithuania, coordinates activities performed by member clubs, develops and maintains strict technical standards within them. Federation represents its members' rights and provides assistance in improving and developing their skills and prowess.

LAAF prepares Lithuanian Aikikai Aikido practitioners / instructors, improves their qualifications and carries out professional development activities. Appropriate technical skills are ensured to preserve traditional Aikido in the future.

LAAF annually organizes national and international seminars, training trips to Aikido World Headquarters the Aikikai Foundation and its methodological training center - Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Japan.

Federation regularly holds Dan and Kyu Grade examinations. Dan Grade examinations are conducted under the direction of visiting masters from Aikikai Hombu Dojo, while Kyu Grade examinations are held and conducted by LAAF Examination Committee, in accordance with Aikikai Hombu Dojo regulations. Certificates, evidencing successful execution of grading examinations, Aikido kyu or dan ranks achieved LAAF issues, are conferred by the Aikido World Headquarters – The Aikikai Foundation.


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Using the rights conferred to Lithuanian Aikido Aikikai Federation, the Federation performs preservation and development of traditional Aikido in the Republic of Lithuania through various activities.

One of activities of LAAF is to collect, analyze, and spread information about Aikido history, philosophy, traditions, and to provide information relating to the activities and rules of the Federation to its members and the public.

The purpose of LAAF - developing healthy and physically active members of society, cultivating the direction of a healthy lifestyle and sporting activities for everyone through Aikido AIKIKAI. The Federation is working on development of non-formal physical education for children, harmful habit and crime prevention, is trying to create opportunities to exercise for people of various social groups, needs and physical abilities.

In order to create the best conditions to achieve the highest results, LAAF organizes seminars and camps all year-round. Sympathetic environment is created to meet and practice the martial art under the guidance of highly skilled instructors from the World Aikido Headquarters (Aikikai Hombu Dojo), and elsewhere.

In collaboration with various sports and cultural organizations LAAF familiarizes the public with the martial art of Aikido and its traditions through various events. The Federation:

  • organizes demonstrations of Aikido techniques at festivals and various international, national or city show programmes;
  • participates in sports and cultural events, promoting the martial art of Aikido and the culture of Japan (The Federation regularly takes part in events organized by Embassy of Japan in Lithuania and other festivals);
  • creates conditions to get acquainted with Japan's unique culture and traditions, to unite people, interested in various aspects of Japanese culture;
  • creates sympathetic environment for physical activity and health improvement as well as leisure activities, social and creative employment


LAAF operates in cooperation with Embassy of Japan, national Aikido organizations in other countries around the world, as well as a variety of Aikido and other sports and cultural organizations operating in Lithuania.