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Lietuvos Aikido Aikikai federacija - About Aikido

About Aikido

Martial arts (Budo) Aikido was created by Japanese Morihei Ueshiba. After the Founder's death in 1969 his son, Kisshomaru Ueshiba became the II Doshu of Aikido (jap. - heir to the way). Currently Moriteru Ueshiba, grandson of the founder, successfully continues his grandfather's and father's art as the III Doshu of Aikido. In 1932 AIKIKAI Foundation was founded with a purpose - to protect and promote the right ideals of Aikido, developed and propagated by the Founder. Japanese government officially recognized Aikido as a martial art in 1940. The Foundation (Aikido World Center) since 1948 was recognized as the only state organization, expanding and developing Aikido.


The Founder of Aikido


The second Doshu
(1921–1999 m.)


The third Doshu
1951 m.


What is Aikido?

Aikido is one of the most beautiful modern martial arts of Japan, created by master Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969). At the end of 1920 M. Ueshiba developed a unique physical and spiritual development system that combines swords and spears fencing techniques with self-defense fighting techniques of ancient martial arts.

Unlike many other martial arts, Aikido attempts to receive the attack , rather than block it. Aikido main task – to blend with the motion of the attacker - extending it, controlling and redirecting the attack energy.

There is no competition in Aikido, because it is based on the philosophy of non-existence of a duel which condemns human aggression and instincts of a duel and encourages to switch them to harmony and concord. Level of Aikido skills achieved by Aikido practitioners is conducted by special commitee during grading examination. Upon successful execution of grading examinations, Aikido Kyu or Dan ranks will be conferred. Various Aikido schools demonstrate their applications of Aikido techniques in festivals, international, national, city or student Aikido demonstrations.

Regular physical activity enhances health and improves self-confidence. Movements, comprising Aikido techniques and exercises, correct posture and reduce stress, because the person focuses on relaxation and breathing. Aikido movements, repeated many times, help to respond, naturally and calmly, to any situation.

Now, there are several streams of Aikido as a martial art. The mainstream - Aikido Aikikai, which dates back to the times of the Founder of Aikido. Now it is run by the founder's grandson Moriteru Ueshiba. Aikido Aikikai has successfully spread from Japan to 56 countries around the world and number of Aikido practitioners has already exceeded 1.2 million people.

The world center of Aikido Aikikai organizations is The Aikikai Foundation (founded in 1932). Since 1948 The Aikikai Foundation is recognized as the only global organization dedicated to developing Aikido. Central Aikikai Foundation Office and its Methodological Training Center, known as the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Japan, in Tokyo (17-18 Wakamatsu-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0056, Japan. Tel. (81) 03-3203-9236, fax. (81) 03-3204-8145).

The director of The Aikikai Foundation and head of the Aikikai Training Centre is the grandson of the Founder of Aikido Moriteru Ueshiba. More than 30 professional instructors (their titles in Japanese language are Shihan, Shidoin ) are actively working for Aikikai Training Center. One of the main tasks of The Aikikai Foundation and Aikido Training Center is methodological assistance to various Aikido Aikikai organizations. To achieve this aim, the instructors of Aikikai Hombu Dojo are sent regularly to organize seminars for Aikido Aikikai organizations in various countries throughout the world. The Aikikai Foundation - the only organization that conducts Aikikai Aikido grading examinations and issues appropriate certificates.